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About the Facebook Messenger app

Download Facebook Messenger: It is an application that belongs to the company Facebook. It is an assistant application for the Facebook application. It is also possible to download Facebook for mobile, the Facebook Messenger application, which specializes in messages only. As for the Facebook application, it performs the entire role of publishing posts, sharing it, commenting on it, and so on and so on. We return to the Facebook Messenger application. This application facilitates the user with a lot of wonderful free services. It shows you all your friends on Facebook, some of them are active and some are not. It shows you who sent a text message to your account, a video message, a voice call, or a video call. The Facebook application Facebook Messenger is one of the most important applications on the Google Play Store because it is affiliated with the global Facebook company. It also has a center and has a first count for applications

The other because it has many features and many features that make the application a great thing next to other chat applications. You can use the Facebook Messenger application by logging in with your Facebook account It is also a free and entertaining blogger, as it is a seamless application that helps in exchanging messages between you and your friends and phone numbers, and it is the latest update to the Facebook Messenger application, adding many stickers that appear in admiration, download the lite version of Facebook Messenger by heading to This link: Facebook Messenger Lite

Download Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger APK

Facebook Messenger is a chat application from Facebook that allows the user to chat with friends and send text messages and multimedia such as photos, videos and voice messages, and you can also make voice calls and video calls,

This application is available on various electronic devices from computers and mobile phones Android or iPhone, it is an application that is characterized by ease and ease of use, download Facebook Messenger for Android,

You can add funny stickers when chatting with friends and send animated GIFs as well as emojis to express your words better. You can also capture the most important moments using the Messenger camera, capture the most important moments and share them with family and friends,

The user is not required to have an account on Facebook, you can create an account with a phone number. At the beginning of 2016, the company was celebrating the arrival of the number of its users to 200 million users, and in just 6 months the number of users of this application reached 1 billion people around the world, and that Because the application is easy to use and not cut off and work even when the Internet connection is weak, all you have to do is download the application from Google play and the App Store if you are an iPhone user, and if you have an account on Facebook, you can access Messenger with the same Facebook account If you do not have a Facebook account, you can log in to Messenger and register with your phone number and use it normally.

Also, Facebook Messenger has a dark mode feature, which changes the color to a dark color with the rest of the speech lit in a light color in order to be able to read well and at the same time preserve a little of your eyesight, as it is an easy feature on the eyes that has damage in it, as you can send a GIF video image Specific, funny or sad, does not differ, but we focus on the feature, as you can go out to anywhere at any time that suits you by calling the video to your group. I help you record your voice and send it via a message to all your friends, and the Facebook Messenger application provides a very easy and secure money-sending service only in (the United States, the United Kingdom, and France), it is a service that allows you to send and receive money from your friends by adding a (debit card) You can also contact customer service and find important deals.

Features of the Facebook Messenger application - Facebook Messenger

It specializes in sending and receiving text messages, videos, photos, music, and GIFs.

It specializes in audio and video communication with recording your voice in a message via Facebook Messenger.

It is characterized by its ease of use, as well as by a wonderful logo and a very attractive and luminous interface.

You can view the status of any of your friends by clicking on his profile picture that appears in front of you.

It shows you all your active friends in the application and it also shows who is currently offline and the time they have finished using the application.

It features a dark mode that relaxes the eyes, it makes the background black and lights up all the letters with the images.

It is characterized by the fact that you can change the color of the conversation according to your desire for all conversations, each conversation a specific color.

It is characterized by providing scary and funny stickers that help you get entertainment, as it is characterized by the modification of the photos and videos that you will send to your friends.

You can also add glasses, emoji, or funny stickers such as rabbits, dogs, cats, roses, and many more.

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