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There is no doubt that the share it application is one of the very important applications that we use in our daily lives, as it is one of the free applications that you can download with ease. Free from Lenovo, and despite the availability of Bluetooth on all devices, the share it application is better than Bluetooth, but this application has proven its worth in transferring and sharing files in a record time that does not exceed a few seconds, if you want to transfer large-sized videos and when transferring them via Bluetooth It takes a lot of time, and you want to transfer a group of songs and videos in record time and easily, and the other phone has a problem with Bluetooth, do not hesitate and download the share it application so that you can share everything you want to share with your friends and family with ease, the share it application has won the admiration of many millions Around the world, there are many who use it because it sends and receive files not only on smartphones, but the ability to transfer files, send and receive them from phones to computers and vice versa, so all you can do is download an application share it from various app stores and then you can run it easily without having to create accounts, then you can take advantage of all its features with ease.

SHAREIT Posts Application Features

SHARE IT is a completely free application that you can download from any application platform and start using it

It also does not need to register and create an account or even register with a phone number

Despite the speed of transferring files, regardless of their size, share it is one of the light applications that is characterized by a small area on the phone and therefore does not affect the performance of the phone when transferring and receiving files

Of course, the application supports the Arabic language so that you can deal with it with ease

You can send videos, photos, songs, and multimedia files, regardless of their size, in no more than a few minutes

You can also download videos and games easily and in record time, regardless of the size of the game.

The share it app is completely free so it does not charge any additional fees when sharing files and internet connection.

One of the features that many users do not know about the share it application is the ability to send one file to more than one device at once, through the Group Sharing feature.

The user can transfer files via shareit application to another device that does not own the application easily, by making use of the feature of WebShare.

The application provides a feature that can analyze the space on your phone and the files that are consuming the space, which helps the user to know which files he does not need.

The application also provides a feature that allows browsing files on the computer through the phone directly, in addition to the ability to play files with ease, by taking advantage of the Connect PC feature.

Share it also supports Windows Phone systems.

The application also supports Wi-Fi Direct, which is one of the fastest services used to transfer files at present.

The application has access to continuous updates and renewals to suit all users and keep abreast of all developments.

The application allows keeping the received files by making a copy of these files and saving them in a known and secure location on the device.

One of the important additions that was added recently is a tool to clean up the remnants of files and applications that are downloaded and installed on the phone, which take up a lot of space and remain stuck in the phone’s memory without any benefit from it.

SHAREit features - to transfer and share

Share it is the best and fastest program currently to transfer all files, videos and anything from one mobile to another or a mobile computer

Share it is better than bluetooth in many ways

You can send and receive files at any time and as quickly as possible by sharing it

One of the advantages of Sherat is that it does not need an Internet connection

More than 300 million people use share it

Share It supports phones, computers, tablets, Android and Windows 7, 10

You can also transfer all the data from your old phone to the new one by pressing one through the share it app

It supports the Arabic language and is free of ads

You can also share things via the Internet through which you can send files, photos and videos from your phone to your computer over the Internet

The feature of cleaning the device from unwanted things as share it erases them all and frees you up space

There is also a feature to lock applications, put a secret number or draw a puzzle to open them, and you can also play music

The share it shirt provides you with a set of special games

You can download the Sheet for free from Google Play or the link attached to the topic

You can also send to more than one person at the same time through the Sheet.

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