TrueCaller APK

TrueCaller APK

TrueCaller mobile caller ID app

It is worth noting that the TrueCaller program is free to use, where you can use the application without having to pay any fees or monthly subscriptions through the Google Play Store, as the program works for free on all Android and iPhone systems, and there is also a paid version of the program that contains other additional features, and Also, through the use of the Truecaller program, you can know the callers and know information about them as a residence. You can also create your own account on the program that enables you to prevent and block annoying numbers permanently, and you can also control messages and contacts in an easy and easy way.

Download the Truecaller program that works on all Android smartphones or that use the IOS system. You can also download the program on your computer or Windows Phone devices, Nokia phones, iPhones and Huawei for free. Downloading Truecaller also works in many languages ​​where you can use the appropriate language for you to facilitate Using the program The interface of the program is very simple, so you can access any number easily, as the program contains all Arab countries and also contains millions of numbers from around the world. Powerful search needs to be connected to the internet and then you can search for anyone you want.

A brief introduction to the Truecaller application

Truecaller is a mobile application that allows you to search for the identity of the caller when calling him or the identity of unregistered numbers when calling. Recently, the application has become one of the indispensable applications that must be present on all devices,

It enables you to know the name, photo and location of a person through his number, as it contains many services and features such as the anti-nuisance service, which works to block annoying numbers from calling and many other services provided by the application, which we will learn about later, have you ever wondered how to know Caller ID app? Well, the application depends on the mutual benefit between the user and the application, when you download the application, you are asked about the availability of the application to collect private information from messages, contacts and call history, then it is sent to the application database,

And with the increase in the number of downloads of the application, the number of data sent to the application increases, through which you can easily know the identity of the caller, and also when entering the application for the first time, it asks you to register, whether Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, all of these capabilities help to know the identity of the unknown number , we may find that some are wondering, can the application accurately determine the identity of the unknown number? The answer to this question is of course not, because it depends on the name obtained from a user of the application who owns your name in his contacts.

How to set up and activate the Truecaller application:

The Truecaller application can be downloaded from various download platforms such as Google Play and the App Store for iPhone users, after downloading the application and installing it on the mobile phone and running it, you will see the Get started button, after that the application will ask you to enter the mobile phone number, after that you will have 3 Options, register with Facebook, e-mail or Google Plus, and of course the best is to register with Facebook

Explanation of using the Truecaller application:

After downloading the application and creating the account as mentioned in the previous steps, we now explain the application itself and the services available in it.
The main interface of the application consists of the most frequently contacted contacts, by swiping the screen from the left a list appears with many options that you can control such as notifications for the application, send your feedback to the application developers and ask if you are facing problems with using the application, Then you find the option of settings that enables you to control the application, such as sound control, application language, caller ID, and many other settings that you can control.

Important notes about using Truecaller:

It is a completely free application that anyone can download and use with ease.
It is considered one of the best applications for Android and iPhone phones to find out the name of the unknown caller's number.
One of the great features provided by the application is to follow up who searched for your number within the application through the Who Viewed My Profile feature,
The name of the caller can be easily identified when calling directly, but the presence of the Internet is required.
It allows you to block spam numbers and messages, and the number of blocking cases is shown to the owner of the calling number to alert other users when they search for him or if he called another person.
You can call and start messaging users of the application, as it has a chat service between users.
Truecaller is a lightweight application that does not slow down the use of the phone.

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