Terms Of Use

1 - Terms and Conditions

Please read this page carefully, as it contains some important terms, which define this agreement and the general terms and conditions of your use of Apk Pesat. This agreement is a commitment between you as the user of this website. As well as by accessing and using the site. You implicitly acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to this obligation and the terms of this Agreement. You also decide that you are aware of the site's privacy policy. Whether you are a regular user of the site or a representative of a company, organization or any other legal entity, and therefore you represent that you have the legal capacity to bind such entity to this Agreement, in which case the user terms will apply to such entity that you represent.

Dear User, if you don't have any lawful ability to address this company or entity, or if you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you must not accept this Agreement and may not access and use the Site and Services. In the case of using the site, you acknowledge that this agreement is in effect and is a contract between you and the site, although this agreement is electronic and not actually signed by you, but it governs your use of the site and services.

2 - User Content

☑ The content provided by the user on this site may be comments, e-mail, and if there is other written and graphic content, we will indicate its owner, whether he is a personal user, a company or another entity.

☑ The site allows the possibility of writing comments on the topics that we publish, and this is a right for all users without exception, but it is required that the remark does exclude foul articulations, affronts, criticize, slander, affectation to scorn, prejudice, offending religions, or distributing joins and any substance Inappropriate or whatever might make material or moral damage the site or to different clients the same.

☑ The site is not responsible for the comments. Each user assumes his own responsibility for the comments he shares.

☑ All together for the remark to be of added esteem, the subjects that we distribute, it is desirable over connect the remark for the sake of its proprietor, regardless of whether real or pseudonymous, but no person is allowed to impersonate another person or the name of a company, institution or body, and he alone bears the legal consequences of that .

3 - Comment ownership rights

☑Remark proprietorship privileges stay saved for the remark proprietor, however the site has the option to reuse the remark through exercises identified with the site, without the requirement for an earlier solicitation from the remark author, given that the remark proprietor is referenced and not to alter what is expressed in it. 

☑ The site is committed not to utilize the email in any action but to utilize it to speak with its proprietor about new subjects or offers or to give gifts, and we are expressly dedicated not to give it to some other party or use it in unlawful issues, and if any client gets an email sent by the site, it will be about Through the site's email, we are not answerable for any email that professes to be associated with the site, aside from our email.

☑ As indicated in detail in the privacy policy, the site collects some of your data that is not linked to any personally identifiable information about you, such as the type of operating system, browser, IP, etc., in order to improve the level of service we provide to you and to facilitate your access to the site, and also To achieve the greatest benefit from the site, the site has the right to profit from the Internet to share this data with a third party without compromising your privacy.

4 - Website disclaimer

☑ The site includes advertisements for Google, and it may also include advertisements for specific products or services or some links to other sites that may be advertising, but this does not mean that we explicitly recommend these topics or that we provide guarantees for the quality of its services or products, but on the contrary, we suggest or We present the idea with the information that we were able to collect, and the user remains the first and last decision-maker and responsible for his choices.

☑ The site also displays reviews of some of the services of a particular company or product, and these reviews may be for a certain fee or free, and sometimes it may use affiliate links for some of these products and services that we deem appropriate and reliable, which allows us to get a small part of the money Ora commission to help the site, we get if the client buys in or purchases through this connection.
5 - Information on the User Agreement
☑ We provide these reviews based on the information we obtain through the sales pages dedicated to these products or services or information provided to us by their owners or owners, or in some cases we purchase the product, try it and evaluate it through direct inspection and give our point of view in all objectivity.

☑ Accordingly, we do not explicitly guarantee the quality of these products, services and offers. We do not take any responsibility for the procedures in which the item or administration is sold, and we additionally don't ensure the security and nature of the items, administrations and content given by any outsider, so the client must To try to audit all information and terms of utilization for any asset, item, administration or deal that you can access through the connections on the site, and along these lines your association with some other assets outside the site is at your own danger.

☑ The site disclaims responsibility for all damages that may result from misapplication of some explanations, dealing with them in improper methods, inability to deal with the information and explanations provided correctly, or misunderstanding.

6 - What does the site offer?

Through appstoandroid.com, we do our best to provide you with the correct information, through the articles and topics that we edit on our site, the site offers a lot of services and information about profit from the Internet, YouTube, technology news, corporate news, technical terms, as well as everything related to informatics In full, with regard to the specifications that we provide to you through our profit from the Internet, most of the information that comes in these specifications we rely on a lot of sources to collect, including but not limited to.

7 - Some information about what the site offers

✅ The official websites of companies that provide profit from the Internet, such as the official website of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Adsense and other companies.

✅ Some international and Arab websites known for their credibility and reputation in providing everything related to informatics.

✅ Some well-known and reliable channels on the YouTube platform that specialize in displaying the field of profit from the Internet.

✅ A few locales worked in innovation news and starting releases identified with benefit from the Internet that will be reported soon, and these destinations have direct contact with the organizations that provide these sites with information in the form of pictures or information about some services that have not yet been announced, In fact, it is an advertising strategy to create a kind of excitement and curiosity among customers to buy or subscribe to these companies and websites.

8 - Also some information about the usage agreement

✅ We also take information about the companies and sites that we present to you on the site in all respects and then display them to you.

✅ So, all the information contained in these topics that you publish, we do not guarantee that you are 100% correct, and we also do not bear any kind of obligation with respect to the error of the data, so we should make the client aware of this, and this doesn't imply that we don't distribute bogus or mysterious data God forbid, but it is our duty to alert our distinguished users and followers of the site to check this information, because it may be wrong from its original source, or there may be errors and technical defects from the manufacturer of the devices whose specifications we provide, or the user may not be able to deal properly with these devices, Or it may be due to an unintentional mistake on our part and other things that may happen.

✅ Therefore, we cannot in any way guarantee the absolute correctness of this information, as there is an error.

✅ Therefore, we advise you to make sure of the safety of any device you want to buy from shops, electronic stores, the official website of the device manufacturer or from websites in general, and also to make sure that there is a warranty for the device before buying it and the possibility of recovering your money in case the device is invalid.

9 - Amending the terms of the agreement

Apps to Android reserves the right to amend this Agreement or its terms relating to the Site and Services when necessary and at any time, and the Agreement shall become effective immediately after the updated version is posted on the Site. Immediately after they are posted we will revise the update date at the bottom of this page, and your continued use of this site after any such changes constitutes your tacit acceptance of those changes.



11 - Contact us

If you wish to contact us to understand more about this Agreement or wish to contact us on any matter relating to it, or if you discover an error or incorrectness in the information on the Site, you may contact us on this page